Mov-it Interpreter Cart: GALLERY

CLIENT: Tele-Interpreter Company
OBJECTIVE: Assist in language translation with patients

Design, Security & Storage

Mov-it Tele-Interpreter Cart helps collect mobile data on the go with a sleek cart that looks great, secures senstive supplies and has easy access storage.

  • Can be equipped with add on accessories
  • Alternative tops finishes available
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
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As part of our specialty line of Mov-it Carts, the Mov-it Interpreter Cart gives emergency care clinicians the specific tools they need for when a critical moment strikes.  

Ideal for heavy use in acute care settings, the Mov-it Interpreter Cart is a self-powered mobile workstation equipped with a wide array of tools/accessories. Featuring a secured locking tablet mount for data entry and translation, dual holder for cavi wipes & tongue depressors, Welsh Allen Clinical Device Mount, document holder, and Anton Bauer battery pack, the Mov-it Interpreter Cart is the perfect cart for emergency care providers. Be sure to give any of our specialty Mov-it Carts a try if custom design and ergonomic build are keys to success at your workplace.      

**The Mov-it Interpreter Cart is the result of a collaborative, custom exchange between First Healthcare Products and a major Children's Hospital in Chicago. To learn more about the process behind its creation (and how to craft your very own!), read the casestudy here.    


  • Solid aluminum work surface measuring 20"w x 23"d x 1/4" thick

  • Secured locking tablet mount for data entry and translation

  • Dual holder for cavi wipes and tongue depressors

  • Also included: Document holder, Anton Bauer battery pack, Welsh Allen Clinical Device Mount

  • Dolphin Gray coloring with slight pebble-textured finish



  • 20"w x 23"d x 1/4" thick work surface

  • 18" x 18" Black steel base

  • 31" when sitting, 48" when standing

  • Shipped completely assembled

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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