• iPad Kickstand and Handle
  • iPad Kickstand and Handle
  • iPad Kickstand and Handle
  • iPad Kickstand and Handle
  • iPad Kickstand and Handle
  • Add an iPad Pro and Otterbox uniVERSE or Defender Case to your order above for a complete package

Graspr Tablet Kickstand

the perfect handstrap kickstand solution
MADE IN USA | patent pending

Easy Enterprise Tablet Handling On The Go - The Graspr detachable magnetic hand strap and kickstand combination rotates to provide optimal viewing and use of tablets in your business. Heavy-duty plastic and
nylon construction make for safe, long term use. Designed to empower your associates to be more productive.

Help Staff Engage with Customers

Free up your team's hands while engaging clients with tablet technology. Can be designed to work in any environment with optional wall, equipment mount and security lock systems.

Help Staff Engage with Customers

Enable staff to present options to customers on tablets easily and professionally while protecting your investment and increasing sales. Let customers easily sign digitally or make payments on the go.  

Take Stock Effortlessly

For work on the go, Graspr makes it easy to view data in portrait or landscape mode simple with secure one-handed use to improve work efficiency.


The Graspr Magnetic Hand Strap System assembles easily in 3 simple steps. Insert the Graspr Striker Plate into the durable uniVERSE Case behind your tablet and connect it to the Hand Strap Kickstand Magnet to secure your tablet in position. 


  • 1 Graspr Black Tablet Kickstand - Configured To Work With Otterbox uniVERSE Cases
  • Comes Fitted With Strong Striker Case Plate Magnet For Easy Magnetic Release And Attachment
  • Easily Rotates For Portrait and Landscape Mode Use
  • Comfortable And Adjustable Velcro Handstrap Allows One-Handed Use


  • 1 360° Rotational Kickstand That Allows Effortless Use Of Your Device  
  • 1 Superior Magnetic Striker Case Plate For Use In Otterbox uniVERSE Cases
  • 1 Hypoallergenic Wrist Lanyard Prevents Dropping Devices On The Go

Optional Accessories:

  • Optional Neck Lanyard For Security
  • Optional Commercial Grade Otterbox Case - The Ultimate Tablet Protection 
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Technology: iPad or Tablet Accessories: iPad or Tablet
Weight: 1.00 LBS
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