First Healthcare Products Launches New Future Proof Mov-it Tablet Cart Series For National Healthcare Accounts

First Healthcare Products Launches New Future Proof Mov-it Tablet Cart Series For National Healthcare Accounts

Posted by First Products on Mar 6th 2020

New Future Proof Mov-it Tablet Carts Are Used In National Healthcare Facilities To Increase Patient Engagement & Workflow Efficiency

First Health Care Products, Leader in EMR & EHR Healthcare Charting and Technology Deployment Solutions, announced the launch of their new 'perfect fit' customizable Mov-it Tablet Cart Series for hospitals and healthcare facilities across the US and were set to be featured at the now-canceled HIMSS20 global conference.

Technology in the healthcare industry, specifically the use of tablet devices, is constantly changing to support new methods of care and vital record-keeping activities that can save lives. First Healthcare Products' new mobile tablet cart series and ergonomic tablet mounting solutions are customizable and future-proof to meet the changing environment and technology requirements of the nation's top healthcare facilities.

First Healthcare Products developed the NEW Mov-it Tablet Cart Series to meet the ever-changing needs of caregivers and technology professionals as many different types of tablets enter the healthcare working environment. With new tablets coming out every year the best deployment, mounting and storage solutions in healthcare not only need to serve the immediate needs of caregivers and staff but also be easily and cost-effectively be adapted to future use cases and technology.

Our product engineers created the mobile Mov-it Tablet carts, versatile tablet mounts, and handheld tablet solutions based on requirements, feedback and on-site pilot programs with our national healthcare accounts. Our team of knowledgable consultants, IT Integrators, and healthcare partners worked to develop solutions that met the need of some of the most demanding healthcare environments.

Future Proof Features:

  • Adjustable Mounts That Can Fit ANY Tablet Size
  • Ergonomic height adjustment per best height for the caregiver or patient use
  • Adaptable Solution Mounts That Can Easily Move From Cart, To Work Surface, To Hand-Held Device Use
  • Secure Lockable Options For Device Security

The Mov-it Tablet Series is a medical cart, articulating tablet arm or mount, and patient engagement apparatus all-in-one! It allows the attachment an iPad or Tablet to any of the various mounts available to give staff easy engagement opportunities with patients at the point-of-care while also freeing up their hands when required (examples seen here) All of First Healthcare Products are made with durable easily cleanable surfaces and materials which make them the perfect solution to assist in infection control.

Mov-it Tablet Cart Features:

  • Convenient Work Surface For Data Entry
  • Tablet Mounts Available In Lockable, Fixed, Flexible, Grab n’ Go and Tap n’ Go Options
  • Available In Fixed Height OR Ergonomically Adjustable Posts
  • Base Options Provided For Specific Facility Use Cases And Budgets While Saving Valuable Space
  • Optional Add-on Accessories For Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

The New Mov-it Tablet Cart Series enables healthcare facilities to effectively deploy tablet solutions while increasing caregiver efficiency and saving time and money by providing long-lasting future proof technology solutions.