Benefits of Medical Grade Tablets in Healthcare

Benefits of Medical Grade Tablets in Healthcare

Posted by First Products on Aug 20th 2021

The availability of computer tablets and other handheld digital devices empowers businesses and nonprofits to improve efficiency and service across various industries, and healthcare is no exception.

But while there’s no doubt that tablets can help hospitals, long-term care centers, clinics, and physicians’ offices better facilitate everything from patient education and clinical documentation to mobile imaging and staff management, most consumer-grade hardware won’t meet the rigorous standards for safety, privacy, and reliability required of these settings.

To ensure continued delivery of high-quality care, it’s crucial that providers procure the medical-grade tablets and computer accessories -- keyboards, mice, cases or enclosures, and power cords – that their missions demand.

Medical-Grade Tablets: Durability and Flexibility

Most medical-grade tablets feature an extremely durable build, with stronger touchscreen glass and casing material better able to withstand drops than the typical commercial-grade tablet. And compared to a desktop computer that's tethered to a central workstation, they’re lightweight and easy to transport throughout a hospital, clinic, or practice.

They’re also exceptionally flexible, whether used as a handheld device, integrated with a medical cart or workstation on wheels, or docked on a desktop. Medical-grade tablets can also be equipped with bar-code scanners and often feature additional full-sized ports for easy integration with other medical devices.
These portable devices are also a vital component of any telehealth initiative, allowing doctors to conduct remote exams and consults from any locale with an available internet connection.

Medical Grade Tablets Help Improve Infection Control

According to the National Institute of Health, cell phones are a breeding ground for infectious microbes. Since clinicians spend a great deal of time with sick and contagious patients, it stands to reason that any handheld computer tablet used in a healthcare setting would pose a similar risk. But unlike commercial-grade devices, medical-grade tablets feature either an antimicrobial coating or antimicrobial properties built directly into the casing to prevent the transmission of harmful pathogens. And because medical-grade digital devices must be IP65-rated, such tablets can be safely disinfected without causing damage to the unit.

Improve Overall Patient Safety

Preventing transmission isn’t the only way medical-grade tablets help improve patient safety. Because it's easier to decipher orders and notes directly entered into a patient's electronic medical record from a tablet or desktop computer, instructions are less likely to be misread than those written by hand. Tablets equipped with a bar-code reader can scan prescription labels and patient wristbands, reducing the potential for medication errors.

Increased Security and HIPAA Compliance

Because HIPAA strictly regulates access to patient health records, medical-grade tablets are equipped with specialized security features, such as RFID readers and biometric scanners, that limit access to authorized users.
HIPPA-compliant tablets should support full disk encryption for data at rest and the implementation of end-to-end encryption programs for data in transit. Some devices also feature USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports and can encrypt data on external storage devices.

Leveraging Digital Technology to Streamline Data Management

According to one recent study, today’s primary care physicians can spend more than half their time working on EMRs instead of focusing on patient care. But medical-grade tablets equipped with bar-code scanners, RFID tags, and other digital tech empower hospitals, physician’s offices, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers to streamline data management significantly.
As a replacement for clipboards, pens, and paper, medical-grade tablets allow clinicians to enter patient information directly into the computer during an exam or consult, ensuring that consistent and accurate data can be accessed quickly by staff across multiple facilities.

Improve Access to Information and Communication

A medical-grade tablet offers doctors, nurses, and other clinicians access to a patient’s complete, up-to-date medical record, including high-definition ultrasounds, x-rays, and other medical images, right from their bedside. Providers can even use a tablet to reference care plans on the spot, rather than waiting to check a desktop computer upon return to the nurses’ station.
Tablets can also help staff keep track of equipment and medication supplies at their facility, clinic, or practice. By having real-time access to prescription inventory, for example, a doctor will know when a given drug isn’t available and can prescribe an appropriate alternative without delaying the patient's treatment.

Medical-Grade Tablets Enhance Practice Management

By granting remote network access, tablets allow clinicians to conveniently arrange patient visits, reserve ORs and arrange procedures at different facilities within a health system without logging on to a centralized staff computer. Medical-grade tablets also streamline patient registration, billing procedures, and staff scheduling. And they empower clinicians to communicate more effectively and virtually share patient information or news with the appropriate colleagues.

By granting convenient access to videos and other online resources, doctors can even use tablets to educate patients on conditions, treatments, and procedures and address their questions and concerns.

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