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Tablet Solutions
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Fastn-it Magneflex
The Fastn-it Magneflex suction mount attaches firmly to any smooth surface, providing a convenient g..
Fastn-it Magneflex
Quickly and easily position your tablet in space near your work for hands free use. The Fastn-i..
Fastn-it Magneflex iPad Cart - 3" Med Caster
The Fastn-it Magneflex iPad Cart has a Black Antimicrobial Powder Coating to help with infection pre..
Kensington Charging/Syn Security Cabinet w/Single door
Kensington Charging/Sync Security Cabinet with single door, adjustable shelves to house up to 10 iPa..
Otterbox Defender Case Plate
Thin powder coated black steel case plate fits snugly between back of iPad and inside back wall of O..

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