VHM-P™ and VHM-PL™


If you didn't know already, you will now: GCX has their very own variable height arms—called the VHM-P™ and VHM-PL™.

These adjustable mounting arms can be installed into a wall channel to help suspend devices and monitors of your preference. Featuring full range of motion, enclosed cable and pivot points, and a die-cast aluminium construction, the VHM-P™ and VHM-PL™ will provide a professional-looking mounting abilities to any wall channel out there. 


  • Full range of motion with swivel, tilt, and pivoting options 
  • Constructed with chemical-resistant die-cast aluminium 
  • VHM-PL features a handle-operated locking mechanism
  • Around 80% of all cabling is concealed thanks to the VHM-P™ and VHM-PL™'s cabling system
  • Available accessories include Cable Management Hooks, Down Post for Ancillary Devices, Module Housing Hanger, Locking and Non-locking Handle



  • Vertical range: 16" / 40.6 cm total travel
  • Lateral range: +/- 90 degrees
  • Load range: 15 to 30 lb / 6.8 to 13.6 kg or 25 to 45 lb / 11.3 to 20.4 kg
  • Product weight: 9.5 lb / 4.3 kg (locking) or 9.4 lb / 4.3 kg (nonlocking)
  • Channel sold separately


Application: Point-of-Care
Technology: CPU + Monitor
Technology: Laptops
Location: Wall
Material Grade: Heavy Duty
Technology: AIO (All in One)

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