• Secur-it LCD Wall Mount (AC150)

Secur-it LCD Wall Mount

SKU: AC150

If hanging a picture frame on your wall takes little to no thought, why should hanging an LCD panel be any different? Forget about stands, counter tops, or cheap plastic bases—the Secur-it LCD Wall Mount makes mounting a monitor “picture frame easy”.

The Secur-it LCD Wall Mount fits most LCD monitors, supports up to 45 lbs of weight, and is specially designed to take up as little space as possible. With the Secur-it LCD Wall Mount in your possession, you’ll save plenty of time, room, and headaches.  


  • Supports nearly all LCD monitors/panels

  • Designed with maximum space saving capacity in mind

  • Can be rotated from portrait to landscape

  • Supports up to 45.1 lbs


Current Stock:
Application: Point-of-Care Technology: AIO (All in One) Technology: CPU + Monitor Location: Wall Material Grade: Medium Duty
Weight: 1.00 LBS
SKU: AC150

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