Medlink™ Mobile Work Station


Medical administration is a complex, multi-step process—and alongside anything that’s complex, there exists serious room for error. Administration errors account for 26% to 32% of total medication errors, most of which are administered by nurses. Eliminate the root of these errors (and not your nurses) with the Humanscale Medlink Mobile Work Station.

Designed specifically for acute care environments with high patient turnover, the Medlink Mobile Work Station optimizes caregiver workflow by assisting in medication filling and delivery. Easily integrated into pre-existing methodologies (pharmacy fill, ADC, nursing station fill, etc.), Medlink creates a closed-loop medication system within a facility that significantly reduces human administrative error. Perhaps one of the most high-tech solutions in our catalog, the Medlink Mobile Work Station will transform the way you think about work stations.


  • Creates a closed-loop medication system that significantly reduces human error

  • Supports multiple users/passwords; drawers only open to user-specific password

  • Detailed reporting and traceability of cart usage/medication access  

  • Auto Fit technology adjusts to the height of each user

  • Assigned drawers can be opened automatically by scanning a patient wristband barcode

  • Wide variety of drawer types, cassettes, and other hardware available


Application: Point-of-Care
Technology: AIO (All in One)
Technology: CPU + Monitor
Material Grade: Heavy Duty

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