• Kensington Charging/Sync Security Cabinet w/Single door
  • Kensington Charging/Sync Security Cabinet w/Single door closed
  • Two stacked Kensignton Cabinets helps save space.
  • Built-in rear ventilation fan.

Kensington Charging/Sync Security Cabinet

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With tablet deployment occurring across the healthcare community en masse, an important question arises: where exactly do we store all these fresh, newly-purchased tablets when they’re not in use? The Kensington Charging/Sync Security Cabinet tackles this questionall the while charging and syncing devices to make sure they’re ready for when you’re ready.   

Featuring shelf space for up 10 tablets, an integrated cooling fan, and mounting/lock cable-compatibility, the Kensington Security Tablet is an electronics-lockbox powerhouse. Shelves are totally adjustable depending on user preference. Slide a few out to create space for other miscellaneous valuables, or leave them all in and house a whole family of tablets. With as reliable a name as Kensington involved, there’s no going wrong.       


  • Holds up to 10 tablets (for storage, charging, and syncing)

  • Tamper-proof, lock-and-key security door means no hands get in that shouldn’t be in

  • LED indicators let you know when tablets are charging as well as done charging

  • Can store most tablet devicesincluding iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Kindles, and Android devices

  • Individual lock keys included



  • Height: 430mm / 16.9"

  • Width: 400mm / 15.7"

  • Depth: 350mm / 13.8"

  • Charges Tablets (2.4 AMP): 10

  • Colour Group: Black

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Lock Type: Like Keyed

Current Stock:
Technology: iPad or Tablet Location: Counter
Weight: 1.00 LBS
Width: 15.70 Inches
Height: 16.90 Inches
Depth: 13.80 Inches
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