• ared Fetal Monitor Mobile Workstation

Jared Fetal Monitor Mobile Workstation

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An excellent resource in Labor and Delivery environments, the Jared Fetal Monitor Mobile Workstation by Amico is an aesthetically pleasing and highly customizable medical monitoring system.

The Jared Fetal Monitor is engineered, designed, and assembled based upon the needs of the clinician—not the needs of the manufacturer. Panel coloring is matched to existing room coloring, dimensions are decided based upon personal space requirements, and drawer/door combinations are all up to the end user. Pick what fancies you and your team; the sky is the limit with your own Jared Fetal Monitor cart.        


  • Thermofoil or Laminate Finish
  • Loads of customizable options, including: configurations for pull out trays, drawers, cupboards; optional CPU mounts and barcode scanners
  • Cable management features manage and conceal the cables, making it easier to keep the cart looking clean and professional
  • Sturdy, quality materials means sturdy overall build  
  • Can be fitted to accommodate the latest hardware available on market  



  • General build dimensions: 22" W x 40.75" H x 26" D
Current Stock:
Application: Specialty Technology: AIO (All in One) Technology: CPU + Monitor Material Grade: Heavy Duty
Weight: 1.00 LBS
Width: 22.00 Inches
Height: 40.75 Inches
Depth: 26.00 Inches

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