• Hummingbird Computer Workstation on Wheels

Hummingbird Computer Workstation on Wheels

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The "Workstation on Wheels" has always been a popular choice for IT teams looking to deploy EMR into their facilities; come check out Amico's spin on the Workstation on Wheels here.    

Amico’s new Hummingbird Computer Workstation on Wheels features patented state-of-the-art induction technology, allowing it easy integration into existing workflows. An organized cable management system with functional side handles gives the Hummingbird ergonomic support. Powered Hummingbird models give the workstation the security of a lithium battery and compatibility with LCD monitors. If you're a fan of Amico (or EMR solutions in general), be sure to give the Hummingbird a gander or two.


  • Inductive charging means integration into your facilities' workflow is fast and painless
  • Powered models charge your LCD/device while you work
  • Lots of ergonomic design elements (including no cords, no dead batteries, no inflexible configurations, no back strain) 
  • Overall mobility and customizability gets you what you exactly want, and exactly where you need to be 



  • 5 year warranty 
Current Stock:
Application: Point-of-Care Technology: AIO (All in One) Technology: CPU + Monitor Material Grade: Heavy Duty
Weight: 1.00 LBS

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