Humanscale T7 Mobile Work Station


Let’s say you love the simplicity and charm of HumanScale’s V6 Wall Station, but dislike the immobility and fixedity of a mount-style station. You require a solution that does more than simply remain in place, which is why the TouchPoint T7 Mobile Technology Cart may be just the right cart for you.     

A flawless piece of equipment for any clinical setting, the T7 offers some of the greatest features money can buy. With built-in accommodation options for laptops, PCs, and monitors—as well as a 100% cordless track system—the T7 will both dazzle caregivers and augment overall workflow. Watch its patented Auto Fit technology automatically adjust to a user’s height, or maneuver around the tightest of corners thanks to its powertrack steering. Streamlined, optimized, and eco-friendly, a technology cart doesn’t get much better than the T7.            


  • Minimalistic design offers a seamless, no-nonsense work space for any caregiver

  • Auto Fit technology will instantly adjust cart height to match user height

  • Power Track steering (5-wheeled bottom vs. 4) means nimble turning and movement range

  • Use a PC, laptop, Macbook, monitor, etc.—supports an assortment of different display options

  • Eco-friendly aluminum and steel construction   

  • Wide variety of intelligent configurations available (accessory mounts, rails for peripheral shelves, etc.).



  • 9120 VAC, 60 Hz input

  • 120 VAC pure sine wave, 60 Hz, 150 W output

  • 150 VA, peak power up to 250 VA

  • Accommodates most flat panel displays weighing up to 25 lbs and 26” wide

  • Accommodate a computer up to 17.35” L x 12.3” W x 2.25” H

  • 16.8” wide opening for a laptop screen

  • Larger computers (up to 3.4” W X 16.5” D X 11.8” H) are managed in CPU Holder.


Application: Point-of-Care
Technology: AIO (All in One)
Technology: CPU + Monitor
Material Grade: Heavy Duty
Brand: Humanscale
Battery Life Lithium Iron Phosphate

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