• Fastn-it Magneflex (Black) with uniVERSE Case Plate (DFA109)

Fastn-it Magneflex (Black) with uniVERSE Case Plate


You’d be hard pressed to find a healthcare facility free from the impact of the articulating tablet arm. They are mobile, multi-functional, low cost additions to any workplace; and the Fastn-it Magneflex is our signature take on the concept.    

Crafted with industrial-grade materials and a no-frills philosophy in mind, the Fastn-it Magneflex is a sure fire way to turn any old table desk into a hands-on workstation. A convenient C-Clamp (unique to this model) gives the Magneflex comprehensive mounting options, while its 9” steel flex arm gives it reach over other competitor products. Twist and pivot the Magneflex to your heart's desire, as well as snap on and snap off your Otterbox-equipped iPad with ease thanks to a magnetic design feature. You’ll love the Magneflex; it was custom designed for one of the largest Dialysis Chains in the US.     

*comes with uniVERSE Case Plate (LAB5000-7)


  • 9” Heavy Duty Steel/Brass Flex Arm provides more than ample length to adjust to any workspace

  • Flex arm strengthened to handle tablets up to iPad Pro 12.9 in size and weight

  • 95# disc magnet for connection to Otterbox Defender adapter plate (included)

  • Standard Flex Arm comes with a strong disc magnet to hold tablets in position

  • Can remove C-Clamp and bolt directly to work surface



  • Fixed Portion: 6.5” | Flex Portion: 13.5”

  • Flex Arm Length: 20”

  • Full 1-year warranty
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Application: Point-of-Care Technology: iPad or Tablet Material Grade: Heavy Duty
Weight: 3.00 LBS

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