ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection Cabinet



Now more than ever, infection prevention protocols are key to the success of a healthcare facility. If you're looking for a truly innovative way to keep your dedicated devices cleaned and charged, look no further than the Seal Shield ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection Cabinet.

The ElectroClave™ is an impressive system that offers UV-C disinfection, mobile device management, and cloud-based oversight all in one package. It holds up to 4 tablets or 10 phones—disinfecting, charging, and syncing them simultaneously thanks to low heat technology. RFID tracking and cloud-based oversight will inform you exactly where each tablet is being used within your facility, and allows you to assign tasks to each remotely. Take complete control of your team of tablets and staff with the ElectroClave™ 


  • LED UV-C Disinfection is highly efficient—killing up to 99.99% of pathogens hiding on every device
  • Disinfection works 360 degrees around devices thanks to special germicidal wave length
  • Disinfect, charge, and sync four tablets or ten phones simultaneously
  • Cloud-Based Oversight provides data and logs on each tablet and its use 
  • RFID Tracking and Surveillance options faster and more efficient data transfer rates  



  • Material: Other
  • Cord: N/A
  • Connection: N/A
  • Color: Black
  • Language: None
  • Backlit: No
  • Datasheet included


Technology: iPad or Tablet

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