Adjustable Countertop Mount (A9022)

Adjustable Countertop Mount (A9022)
Product Code: A9022

Quickly adjust monitor or kiosk height and angle with this easy-to-use mount. Integrated cable management keeps cables safe and out of view.


  • Secure mount prevents theft or damage to iPad.
  • Adjust height 7-12” above counter.
  • Tilt iPad** angle can be adjusted in 30° increments. No button or levers, simply move iPad to desired postion.
  • Integrated cable man-agement keeps cables safe and out of view.
  • The A9022 can easily be mounted on a mobile cart, Perfect for those situations where it is neccessary for workstations to be mobile.
  • Non Home Button Access.  This a secure feature built into the A9023. Designed for use when your'e in an area and need to restrict access to the iPad home button.

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